Global Health Medicine course for medical students in Uppsala University (Sweden) and Implementation Research course for students of master of public health program in Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)

For the 2 weeks (24/Oct-3/Nov), HUPH has successfully held the field-trip module of the Global Health Medicine course for 18 students of Uppsala University (Sweden). Global Health Medicine course is an elective 2-month course for last year medical students in Uppsala University. The 2-week fieldtrip module was a collaboration work of the Department of Women’s and Health’s, Uppsala University and the Hanoi University of Public Health. Students in this fieldtrip delved into global public health issues but specify in Vietnam including health disparities, smoking, injury and Eco-health. Program study emphasized in-class sessions and practicum in the hospitals and other field sites in Vietnam. The field visits consisted of 5 different health facilities from the commune level (Commune Health Center) to the central level (Viet Duc hospital). The end line evaluation of the students presented their positive feedback on both the content and the administrative organization of the course.

Photo: Medical students in Uppsala University (Sweden) participated in an extracurricular activity in the Global Health Medicine course

After the Global Health Medicine course, during the third week of December (19-20), HUPH organized the Implementation Research course for 16 graduate students of master of public health program in Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia). The course aimed to share experiences regarding implementation research and translating knowledge into practice of health providers in Vietnam.