Launch of Supplement on health and social determinants of heath in Vietnam

From 3rd to 7th December, 2016, the 4th International One Health Congress and the 6th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology and Health  have been organized ịn Melbourne, Australia.

The Congress will be a ‘meeting of the minds’ for researchers, policy makers and practitioners who are working towards more integrated approaches and effective responses to complex global health challenges. More than 1,000 experts will gather to deliver 9 plenary presentations, 200 oral presentations and 780 poster presentations. The science, ideas and thinking draw on diverse expertise from more than 60 countries.

Photo: Dr Nguyen Viet Hung introducing the supplement on Vietnam public health of Hanoi University of Public Health at the congress (Photo by Tarni Cooper)

Following the Welcoming Ceremony on Saturday 3 December, plenary sessions will be held each morning of the next four days focusing on specific themes: Creating a healthier world; Food and nutrition systems – feeding our world safely and sustainably; Responding to emerging diseases and invasive species; Integrating science, policy and action.

There will also be symposium and discussion panels on hot topics such as: Ecological Health, biodiversity loss and the future of planet earth; The Global Outbreak and Response Network (GOARN); Non-communicable diseases and the energy rich food system; Education into Action: Building One Health Capacity in Asia; Strengthening biosecurity systems; One Health in Action: What’s Working and Why?

The Supplement on health and social determinants of heath in Vietnam was just launched at the Congress. This Supplement is published with The International Journal of Public Health. This Supplement consists of 12 original papers and 3 editorials and was edited by Hoang Van Minh and Hung Nguyen-Viet from the Hanoi University of Public Health. It focuses on local evidence on a variety of topics, as well as their international implications.

You can find more information about the supplement by clicking here.


(By Tuan Anh)