Dr. Le Thi Kim Anh - Lecturer of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences attended the “Cất cánh” (Take-off) Program broadcasted live on VTV1 as a guest with the topic: The F0 Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, as a public health worker, Dr. Kim Anh assumes herself responsible for participating in disease control activities. Her involvement in conducting research, evaluation, consultation, and compilation of reports and guidelines for health workers and the community over the past year has helped Dr. Kim Anh gain more experiences when joining the Network of Companion Physicians entrusted with the task of receiving severe cases in the community requiring emergency care or hospital referral. For over a month of living physically in Ha Noi but feeling as if being awakening and sleeping with Ho Chi Minh City helped Dr. Kim Anh realize that with determination, wherever we are, we can contribute our intellect and energy to the health sector in particular, and the community in general, in the fight against this COVID-19. Sharing in VTV1's ‘Take-off’ program, Dr. Kim Anh wanted to convey an action message so that we can be firmly self-confident and firmly believe in the epidemic prevention strategies of the whole society, which is to "overcome this pandemic with our companion and determination”.