Department of Surgery

Stemming from the practical need to develop training types of the University of Public Health, in 2020 the Department of Surgery under the Faculty of Clinical Medicine was established. Currently, the department has 1 lecturer who is a doctor with a passion for the profession and a lot of teaching experience. In the coming years, the department strives to develop a contingent of qualified lecturers to meet the needs of improving the quality of the school's training systems as well as developing various types of medical examination and treatment services of Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital (Hospital under the University of Public Health)

Mission of the Department

Teaching symptoms and basic treatment of some common diseases specialized in Surgery, common first aid in the community, common first aid in laboratories, infectious and non-communicable diseases for subjects students Bachelor of Public Health, Bachelor of Laboratory of Preventive Medicine, Bachelor of Nutrition, Bachelor of Social Work.

Medical examination and treatment and guiding students to practice clinical practice at hospitals that are practice facilities of the school such as E hospital, Ha Dong general hospital, Agriculture, Duc Giang, Hoai Duc.

Scientific research and consulting on health issues in order to improve the quality of care, protect public health, and enhance the position of the University in the field of training and scientific research.