Introduction to the Department of Nutrition & Food Safety

Nutrition & Food Safety​ Department belongs to the Faculty of Environmental And Occupational Health, Hanoi University of Public Health. The Department is responsible for teaching, research, and consultancy in specialized nutrition fields. Our teaching targets are undergraduate and graduate students. Nutrition, in general, are the subjects that contribute to a training program for a bachelor of Nutrition, Bachelor of Public Health, Bachelor of Laboratory science for Preventive medicine, First degree of Specialization in Public Health, Master of Public Health.

The subjects of specialized nutrition are important in a training program for bachelor of Nutrition and Bachelor of Public Health. Nutrition is a field related to health status, disease burden, and mortality in the community. Nowadays, we have witnessed the outstanding achievements of nutrition and its application in many important areas of life. Nutritional science has illuminated more and more sufficiently and comprehensively the roles of nutrition that have protected and maintained human health. Nutritional science has proven the particularly important significance of its in public health.

The training strategy, we aim to train the health professional in Nutrition science and public health-oriented specialization. We have developed and implemented training programs for bachelor of Nutrition and Bachelor of Public Health that oriented nutrition and food safety. The current results showed that it is appropriate training.