News May 2015

1. Social Activities

  • On May 17th 2015, at the Center for Culture and Arts Exhibition Vietnam, the Central Youth Union and Vietnam Young Physician Association organized the Festival for Young Physicians for volunteers of community health. . Some Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) students participated to support the event.

Photo: HSPH students at the Festival

  • Implementing the scheme number 123 ĐA/TĐTN – ĐT &ANQP on July 1st 2014 of HCM Communist Youth Union – Hanoi City Branch to build green schools model, HSPH Youth Union organized the Green Exchange event where attendees could exchange scrap paper for a green plant, decorate a shelter, and make new products from recycled plastic bottles, all while collecting, recycling, and reducing the amount of garbage in the environment. Activities were organized for 3 days, from 25 – 27 March 2015. After 3 days, the organizers received 470kg of paper, 80 bottles for nearly 100 different types of trees.
  • On May 19th 2015, the launching ceremony of the Alumni Association Executive Board– Hanoi School of Public Health was held. There were 15 members who serve as the representatives of many generations of HSPH students.  Dr. Tran Dai Quang, former student at K1 was selected to be the President for the Alumni Association.
  • On May 21st 2015, the Student Affairs Department organized the final training day for the students from K10 and in-service training K7. Attending to this event was Dean of HSPH and senior staff/lectures of the school.
  • On May 28th 2015, 150 HSPH students participated in the conference “Assess the 10 years of implementing the Convention Framework on Tobacco Control of World Health Organization in Vietnam” which was organized by Ministry of Health at the International Convention Centre. According to the presented results, tobacco is the second leading cause of disease burden and is one of the leading causes of death in worldwide. Vietnam, one of the 15 countries with a high number of smokers in the world is facing an enormous burden on economy and health each year. Tobacco in Vietnam caused 40.000 premature deaths, and tobacco caused treatment costs and lost productivity together was estimated at approximatively $ 1 billion/year.

Photo: HSPH Students participate in the conference

  • In response to the event “World No Tobacco Day”, the HSPH Youth Union organized many activities/events on “Prevention of smuggling, illegal tobacco trade”. The event included 3 contests: “Tobacco Catwalk; Golden Bell; Communication to prevent the smuggling and illegal tobacco trade. The purposes of these activities were to improve the understanding among HSPH students about the dangers of tobacco; raise awareness about the prevention of smuggling/ illegal tobacco trade and improve understanding of the policy and raise awareness for a Smoke Free School 
  • On May 30th 2015, The HSPH Youth Union collaborated with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion to organize the blood donor program “365+ 1 – Sunny Love”. Alongside that, the program had many side events, including creating a healthy playground for students, a concert called “Give me a ticket to the childhood,” a radio program called “Getting the emotional wave”, and a handmade “Gift for you” booth. The program attracted more than 500 young students from other universities and around 200 community members to register to donate blood. And 125 units of blood were selected in total.

2. Scientific Research Activities

In May, HSPH organized 03 Science and Technology Committee which has approved some scientific research:

  • The Science and Technology Committee have adopted a research proposal at the grassroots level: “Assess the hospital management master program, thinking from former students and labor managers,” in which Dr. Nguyen Thanh Ha is the research manager. The outline of the research has been adopted and approved for implementation. The Science and Technology Committee has accepted the project “Habit and Consumption of non-alcoholic carbonated soft drinks and the risk of obesity in excess passive drag 02 high school students in Hanoi” and Dr. Nguyen Thanh Ha is also the research manager for this project.
  • The Committee has accepted the project “Assess the providing and using service situation on HIV/AIDS at the province where ADB project has been implemented in 2013 and 2014” Dr. Do Mai Hoa is the research manager.  
  • On May, the first session of the Council for Professor title was organized. Prof. Phung Dac Cam was elected to be the chairman of the Board and Assoc. Prof. Bui Thi Thu ha, Dean of HSPH is the permanent member.