Hanoi School of Public Health attended in the SEAOHUN Executive Board Meeting

    At the beginning of June 2015, Assoc. Prof Bui Thi Thu Ha – Dean of Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) and the delegations of HSPH have attended the South East Asia One Health University (SEAOHUN) Executive Board meeting in Thailand.

    SEAOHUN has been established since 2011 with the participation of 10 universities and 14 faculties in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It aims to build a network on One Health and strengthen the collaboration among all the nations and related fields in ASEAN. Besides that, SEAOHUN also aims to encourage the collaborated projects among its members, especially focus on the multi sectors and multi nations collaborations. The main contents are about supporting for education, exchange students and develop the teaching materials; strengthen the research capacity and provide the advocating policy evidences on health fields.   

Photo: The SEAOHUN members discussed at the meeting

    Hanoi School of Public Health is one of 3 members of Vietnam which participates on SEAOHUN network along with Hanoi Medical University and Institution of Agriculture with the specific role on apply the approach of One Health on teaching and research in Vietnam. SEAOHUN currently is funded by USAID through one project of Minnesota University and Tufts University - the coordinators of the project. It aims to push the One Health approach to prevent and solve the animal and emerging diseases.   

    The delegations of HSPH have participated on discussing about implementing activities in 2016 for each member institutions and also review all the final plans after discussing with Minnesota and Tufts University. On the meeting framework, 17 member universities on the SEAOHUN network have signed the Memorandum of Understanding, agreed to collaborate with all other networks in ASEAN to implement the One Health activities.

Photo: The delegations