Workshop summarizing the study “Intervention to enhance the father’s role in intellectual development of their children in Vietnam”

In the morning on 30 September 2015, at People’s Committee of Kim Thanh District, Hai Duong province took place a Workshop that was organized by Hanoi Public School in order to summarizing the study “Interventions to enhance the father’s role in intellectual development of their children in Vietnam” conducted by the HSPH. The representative of local authorities and local Health Department in Hai Duong province, Cam Giang district, Kim Thanh district with numerous officers working in other provincial departments attended the workshop. In particular, research group was honored to welcome the Ambassador of Canada in Vietnam, Mr. David Devine to attend the workshop.

During 2 years from September 2013 to September 2015, HSPH associated with Brock University and St, Jerome University, Canada to conduct the research “Intervention to enhance the father’s role in intellectual development of their children in Vietnam” in Kim Thanh and Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province. The research was implemented to strengthen the support from fathers in breastfeeding mother, enhance the love linkage between father and children in their early days of the development process, and improve husband and wife’s relationship to assist with their children’s comprehensive development in body, nutrition, emotion and cognitive abilities.

In the workshop, Mr. David Devine, Canadian Ambassador in Vietnam said “I congratulate the educational institutions and trainings in both Vietnam and Canada but also all our partners in Hai Duong province, particularly, 800 couples attended the program for theses meaningful achievement. In the world, approximately 200 million children are not developed fully to promote their full potential due to difficulties in cognitive development. More broadly, poor children are at risk of more disruption in the intellectual development process. This really is a waste of human resources.  

Dr. Tran Huu Bich, Vice- dean of HSPH, Main Supervisor of the research in Vietnam said Vietnam said that through this project, the fathers had opportunities to share with each other their early successes and challenges of becoming a father taking care their children. When man devoted to his family, for their little children, it will immensely influent on the development of the babies.


Photo: The delegates of the workshop joined a commemorative session

With a further goal, conquering the challenge how to find paths and manners to nurture healthy children developing in the early 1000 days and apply, maintain long-term methods in fact of shortages, the research group of the HSPH collaborated with professors from Canada to find solutions. After two-year collaboration, it brings results deserved to be proud of. Study report shows that the intervention contributed to strengthen and improve a loving relationship between fathers and their children, fathers were closer to their babies, specifically, in their early development from birth. The babies taken care by their fathers expresses the lead for motor abilities, language and social skills. By these achievements, the research are expected to lay the groundwork in order to attract greater attendances from partners in private, academic, social sectors, moreover, parents in improving physical health, nutrition, mentor and recognition of Vietnamese children.