Consultancy on university enrollment of Hanoi school of Public Health before the university entrance examination

In the morning of March 9th, in Hanoi university of science and technology (HUT), the Youth News, Ministry of Education and training (MOET) in association with the Hanoi university of science and technology, Hanoi Department of Education and training (sponsored by the Vingroup Cooperation) organized the Festival of career orientation and university enrollment 2014.


Picture: Dr. La Ngoc Quang, Head of the Undergraduate Training Department, HSPH gave advices for students at the HSPH exhibition booth.


More than 80 universities, colleges, secondary schools, career schools and other training centers participated into this activity. This day was an opportunity for students and parents to directly exchange information with concerned universities.

This is the consecutive 12th year the Youth News has organized the university enrolment – career orientation program nationwide. The program which started at the end of 2013 included 3 days and 17 consultancy activities in many places such as Dong Nai, Binh Thuan, Hue, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh city, Can Tho, etc.


Picture: The crowded students were interested and asked for HSPH information


This is the 4th time, HSPH participated into this activity with exhibition of the school’s activities in the Festival. With a beautiful arrangement and rich information, enthusiastic advisors, HSPH attached many students.


Picture: Some students concerned the program of Preventive Medicine Laboratory.


Presented early in the morning, Dr La Ngoc Quang, Head of the Undergraduate Training Department said “Many students asked for information and those focusing on Public Health were more than last year, especially students took interest in the Bachelor program of Preventive Medicine Laboratory, a new program of HSPH which will start enrollment in 2014. In participation into this Festival, we want to provide adequate and precise information on HSPH enrollment, career opportunity for students so that they can make a wise choice for their future university and career”



Picture: HSPH Volunteer students in the front of HSPH exhibition booth


Since 2014, HSPH with approval of MOET will open a new training program titled the Bachelor of Preventive Medicine laboratory. This is an opportunity for students to select their future career.

Ms Nguyen Thi Huong (Hoai Duc High school) excitedly said: “This year I think I will attend the B examination and Hanoi school of public health will be my choice to apply because via consultancy, I know that I can meet the university’s requirement, good learning environment, etc.”