Consultation workshop on outcome standards of Master of Public Health Program

    On 7 August, Consultation workshop on outcome standards of Master of Public Health Program was held in Hanoi School of Public Health (HSHP). Outcome standards regulated the specialization knowledge, practical skills, capacity of awareness and solving issue, works that students should care about after graduation. The establishment of training program frame in regard to outcome standards is a cornerstone to educate the young generation with high qualification that can meet the demand from society and jobs market. Produce an outcome standards system also means that training institutions will take one step closer to address the trainees becoming center point, the practical needs of society that is a basis for adjustment of program framework.

Photo: The delegates is following up the presentations in the workshop

    In Vietnam, Ministry of Education and Training requires all universities compulsorily release the outcome standards to help the training institutions, trainees, recruiters ensure training quality. Profoundly aware of the demand and the need to improve outcome standards system, HSHP organized the workshop to consult the recommendations from representatives of training institutions, management agencies, training authorities at ministerial level and the agencies using of human resources. This will be a premise to complete the outcome standards of Master Program of Public Health in accordance with the standards announced in 2014.

Photo: Delegates discussed about outcome standards for MPH program

    During the workshop, Dr. Tran Thi Tuyet Hanh, professor of Health Environment, HSHP presented general report of outcome standards for MPH in universities in Vietnam and also in the world. Besides, the workshop also had the presentations from representatives of Hue University of Medicine sharing their experience during approach process, build up and implementation of their outcome standards that the delegation can learn from.

    Furthermore, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha, Head of postgraduate education, HSHP presented the expected outcome standards for MPH in HSHP that consists of 10 standards related to knowledge, skills and practices to address research, and direction of application.  Particularly, there are 02 standards referring to knowledge, 01 standards about morality and 07 skill standards. Outcome standards for MPH in HSHP would be set up in according to the following principles: (1) Ensure to achieve the capacity standards, (2) Meet the practical need for jobs, (3) Ensure for international integration and (4) Demonstrate the specific and strength of training program in HSHP. The workshop also consulted the comments from experts about the set of evaluation criteria for outcome standards of each objectives.

Photo: Delegates of the workshop joined a commemorative photo session