Study encouragement Fund Lighting the dreams

     In the afternoon 01/10 at Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) took place a scholarship ceremony of Tieu Vinh Ngoc Study Encouragement Fund for under graduate students with full-time study. Tieu Vinh Ngoc Study Encouragement Fund was founded by Entrepreneur Tieu Vinh Ngoc – Director of Centre for Voluntary Detoxification and Humanitarian and Dr. Nguyen Van Bieu, General Secretary of Biology sector in Hanoi joined as co-owner fund president.


Photo: Mr. Nguyen Van Bieu represented Tieu Vinh Ngoc Study Encouragement Fund had a speech at ceremony of scholarship

     Study Encouragement Fund Vinh Ngoc Tieu has visited a number of universities to support students with the excellent results who have difficult life to motivate and cheer them. In 2015, Vinh Ngoc Tieu has agreed Fund to award scholarships for 5 students of HSPH granting 500,000 / month / student. The students have received scholarships include: Six students Quang Tam (Bachelor of Public Health K11B), Le Thi Hoai (Bachelor of Public Health K12B), Le Thi My (Bachelor XNYHDP K1), Do Thi Thuy Huong (Bachelor of Public Health K13B), Tran Thi Phuong (Bachelor of Public Health K13B).


Photo: Students received the scholarship from Tieu Vinh Ngoc Study Encouragment Fund


Photo: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Huong, Vice- dean of HSPH in the ceremony

    The first month scholarship, Representatives of the Fund, Dr. Nguyen Van Bieu, came and awarded directly scholarships to students. After that month, the children will receive scholarships through the bank account until they graduate from college. Five students were honored to receive this scholarship who were talented students, determined to overcome difficulties and their achievements acknowledged in academic and social work. With a desire to help them reach their dream, the representative of Study Encouragement Fund hope this small gift will help them to mitigate their burden to be assured of studying, and the encouragement for energy and the will to overcome difficulties of the children.

    In the scholarship ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Huong, Vice- Dean thanked members working for the fund who gave all their hearts and efforts to share with the students, help them to have motivation and determination to rise up and conquer difficulties.