Department of Academic Affairs

1. Function

The Department of Academic Affairs plays its advisory role to the Rector in making the University’s overall (both undergraduate and graduate) training strategies and in organizing and managing its training activities.

2. Tasks

2.1. Providing the Rector with advice in making annual training plans and conducting these plans, in developing training regulations, procedures and forms in accordance with the internal and external contexts.  

2.2. Coordinating enrolment activities in accordance with the State regulations and legal documents for enrolment

2.3. Developing, organizing and monitoring the implementation of annual teaching and learning plans (including developing timetables, organizing courses and course assessment activities)

2.4. Monitoring and making reports of students’ learning results of each semester and each academic year; sending students warning notice about unsatisfactory learning results and/or progress

2.5. Organizing end-of-program assessment activities (including exit exams and dissertation defense) and implementing graduation procedures in accordance with relevant regulations and laws

2.6. Making reports and confirmation of staff’s teaching hours

2.7. Collaborating with other departments and faculties in preparation for openning of new training programs based on social demand and in accordance with relevant regulations and laws

2.8. Collaborating with other departments and faculties in planning for and monitoring training quality assurance indicators

2.9. Participating in the development and management of training data system, in management and storage of training documents, and in preparing training reports requested by relevant stakeholders

2.10. Seeking and establishing collaborations with domestic and international partners in order to maintain and extending HUPH’s training programs based on HUPH’s available resources.

2.11. Conducting or participating in research aimed to improve training quality; participating in providing training consultation services (e.g. development of professional competencies or training program standards, training need assessment, and training program design, etc.)

2.12. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of training regulations and precedures

2.13. Managing and using HUPH’s resources effectively

2.14. Implementing communication and reporting procedures

2.15. Doing other tasks assigned by the Rector

Department of Academic Affairs