Department of Academic Affairs

1. Functions:

The Department of Postgraduate Education Management works cooperatively with the Dean to direct and manage BPH programs by providing program plans, program content, curriculums teaching materials and learning methods in compliance with the Law of Education and regulations from the Ministry of Education and Training.

2. Tasks:

2.1 Ensuring that program curriculums are up to date and current to reflect new Public Health challenges and research that is available. Coordinating and building new training programs of all kinds and monitoring and evaluating the current program’s framework in detail.

2.2 Developing and monitoring the implementation of teaching and learning plans each school year.

2.3 Contructing rules and regulations for teaching and learning. Monitoring teacher’s performance in and outside school.

2.4 Management of all training activities involving international undergraduate training programs..

2.5 Creating time management epectations for teaching hours and arranging class schedules for all courses at the undergraduate level to ensure course requirements can be met by both students and teachers. Preparing annual reports, urgent reports of training as the high ranking requirements for school management. Establishing payment methods and combining with faculties and departments to recommend salaries for teachers. Monitoring the performance of lecturers in and outside school of undergraduate training classes.

2.6 Organizing and monitoring undergraduate student exams in accordance with regulations issued by Ministry of Education and Training. Collaboration with other units in and outside school who are involved with organizing examinations and enrollment annually.

2.7 Proposing exam methods, organizing examiners, general necessary test results and data to serve the Council considering graduates with undergraduate training regulations.

2.8 Archiving and managing all relevant documents of the Undergraduate programs in accordance with appropriate funtions and tasks. (this one might need to be more clear, it is a little vague)

2.9 Working with the Political Education and Student Affairs Department to manage BPH students in learning and other activities.

Department of Postgraduate Education