Department of Student Affairs

1. Functions:

The Department of Student Affairs works closely with the Dean to organize and manage students’ education of political ideology, lifestyle, morals,, scientific research and social activities. The Department cooperates with other divisions and unions to take care of students’ material and spiritual needs.

2. Specific responsibilities:

2.1. Prepare and send acceptance letters to prospective students assigned by School Authority. Orient and advise new students admitted to school, manage applications for school boarding while considering preferential treatment according to social policies.

2.2. Organize civic education week prior to the commencement of classes. Hold meetings to discuss political education and law education for students throughout the year.

2.3. Act as a liaison between the school and students’ families and local communities; Collect student feedback; Respond to general student concerns and complaints regarding both academic and personal matters. Organize periodic dialogues to increase communication between the students and the Dean. Arrange student course evaluations, and provide opportunities for students to comment on the school’s management and services.

2.4. Cooperate with functional divisions and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League to record students’ study, scientific research and performance. Propose to evaluate learners, allow students to play a role in setting criteria for final examinations, final examination for graduation, and approving of students’ graduation. Nominate individuals for praise and reward collectives, recognize great achievements in individuals study and performance. Propose discipline forms for cases of regulation or statute violation. Carry out procedures of expelling from school, stopping study, reserving study results, renewing study expiry and approving of study resumption.

2.5. Offer scholarships, grants and social allowances to students, and adjust tuition fees accordingly under current regulations. Make recommendations to provide allowances to students experiencing unexpected troubles.

2.6. Certify social policies and regulations for students under current regulations; Introduce students to external divisions in order to enable them to study and do their scientific research.

2.7. Cooperate with the Department of Administration and Teaching Material, to manage student behaviour, encouraging students to follow dormitory rules, maintaining security and order on campus; Cooperate with security authorities to prevent students from becoming involved in dangerous and unhealthy activities.

2.8. Cooperate with local authority in managing non-resident students; Organize events to strengthen the relationship between school students with external students, and with local people.

2.9. Cooperate with medical institutions to ensure students with illness are treated and providing assistance during such incidents; Supervising food safety and hygiene at canteens on campus.

2.10. Cooperating with Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League in encouraging and getting students involved in cultural events, artistic and sport performances, clubs, other healthy recreational and social charitable activities.

2.11. Participate in Opening School-Year and Graduation ceremonies as well as organizing events to communicate and publicize newly-admitted and graduated students; Be a liaison collecting information on recruitment to inform graduated students.

2.12. Manage and make the procedures of granting and photocopying degree, certificate, mark sheet to students under current regulations.

2.13. Cooperate in organizing events of promotion, training, scientific research involving students and alumni

2.14. Manage students’ files, store legal normative documents relating to student affairs under current regulations.

Department of Student Affairs