Department of Research Management and Cooperation

I. Function

The Department of Science  and Technology plays an advisory role to the HUPH Management Board on management and development of scientific and technological  activities as well as international scientific cooperation, quality management in the field of science and technology.

II. Tasks

1. General tasks:

a) Being the focal point for development and implementation of strategies in science and technology.

b) Directing the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of scientific and technological activities and their integration with training activities.

c) Managing, supervising and evaluating the implementation of research activities conducted by HUPH.

2. Specific tasks:

a) Serving as a focal point in developing strategic orientations and formulating regulations and procedures for HUPH research activities in public health science and technology to comply with the current regulations of the State, the Ministry of Health requirements and related agencies.
b) Providing advice for development and issuance of scientific and technological management documents (regulations, guidelines)

c) Implementing, supervising, evaluating implementation of regulations for research activities (including: research programs at all levels, collaborative research programs conducted by Centers, Projects and research cooperation led by HUPH).

d) Being the focal point or taking lead in development of research projects at State, Ministerial levels, and assigned research projects.

đ) Performing procedures for appraisal/approval/acceptance/evaluation of reports, research/projects in accordance with current regulations on organization and management of scientific research. Making recommendation on rewards and handling violations in implementation of scientific research tasks

e) Monitoring and evaluating annual performance of scientific research tasks of academic staff.

g) Participating in the approval process of awarding such academic titles and distinctions as principal lecturer, senior lecturer, the people's teacher, meritorious teacher, and approval for awarding medal, certificate of merit.

h) Taking lead in organization of annual conferences and workshops on science and technology, youth science and technology, periodical and extraordinary scientific/academic symposiums, seminars, and information dissemination meetings in order to disseminate updated information on science and technology in public health

i) Developing, monitoring, evaluating and managing a database for scientific researches conducted totally or partially by HUPH.

k) Organizing communication of information, managing dissemination of scientific and technological results of HUPH

l) Participating in and assisting the HUPH Science and Education Council and Ethics Review Board for biomedical research.

m) Being the focal point for organization of training on scientific research activities; developing scientific research potential of academic staff and students.

n) Being the focal point for organization and utilization of scientific research database applications and findings on teaching and learning in collaboration with Department of Undergraduate Education and Department of Postgraduate Education.

o) Monitoring, supervising the progress of scientific research works in the jurisdiction.

p) Receiving and evaluating documents/reports of scientific research; storing and managing documents and records in scientific research.

q) Collaborating with faculties in proposing mechanisms to develop scientific research teams and their specific products.

r) Collaborating with related departments in building, implementing cooperative projects and programs with foreign partners.

s) Cooperating in management and development of human resources for scientific research.

t) Performing other tasks related to the function assigned by HUPH Dean.

Department of Research Management and Cooperation