Department of Facilities Management and Technology

The Department of Administrative Affairs  plays its advisory role to HUPH Management Board on strategies, plans and overall plans of the university; monitors and evaluates the implementation of strategic plans, annual plans of the university units; performs tasks of statistics and synthesis, quality management, communications, archives and records as well as office manageme.

1. Administrative Affairs

1.1  The archives

  • Organizing the implementation and management of the incoming and outgoing documents according to regulations of the archives.
  • Giving instructions on written procedures in accordance with current regulations.
  • Drafting reports, official documents, instructions, etc. directed by the university as requested by the Board.
  • Notarizing original papers within the scope of the commission.
  • Issuing letters of introduction, travel warrants entrusted by the Board for officials, teachers, university staff.
  • Managing the seal and name of the university leaders in compliance with current regulations.

1.2  The records

  • Implement the records of texts, official documents, archival materials of the university.
  • Guiding the office-holders to set up an annual records agency in accordance with regulations.
  • Collecting, maintaining and making arrangement of the archives so as to search and use them conveniently.

1.3  The security order

  • Making consultation with the Board on signing an annual contract between the university and the professional security company.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the contract to guarantee safety and security of people and property of the university.
  • Developing a plan to ensure the university security order on holidays, stipulated by the police concerned.
  • Managing the service activities related to the security such as the contract on parking of cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

1.4  The printing

  • Being responsible for printing textbooks, curricula and other publications for teaching, learning and other activities of the university.

1.5  Protocol

  • Welcoming Vietnamese and foreign guests to work with the university.

2.  Management

2.1   Land management, infrastructure

  • Management land surface scheme, scheme design and condition of the buildings auditorium, classrooms, home work, electrical systems, water Universitys.
  • Planning for construction, please make arguments investment funds, which track is granted, design and construction works.
  • Organized to monitor project settlement.
  • To assist the Board of Directors effective management, organization development and implementation of investment projects for the construction and development of the university.
  • Planning and implementation of repair, anti degraded infrastructure, housing, electricity and water.
  • Management and suggestions using the funds and repair contracts.

2.2   Management, procurement of supplies, equipmen.

  • Synthesis expected properties of materials and equipment commonly used by the unit to the annual budgeting.
  • Implement procurement, allocation to the standards and norms of supplies and equipment has been approved by the Management Board of.
  • Track, manage, guide the entire property, common supplies were allocated to the unit or the equipment in the auditorium, the public works. Deployment and operation of machines to be provided, the rules for documenting and using machines.
  • Inventory of property, equipment, inventory reports annual property.
  • Subscribe to the work of occupational safety in the entire university. Focus on ensuring regulations, rules of use, manage fire protection system.

2. 3   Ensuring service activities and services

2.3.1  Manage hall, dormitory and services

  • Management, effective use of the auditorium, meeting rooms, halls; management and preservation of property and equipment at the amphitheater in accordance Process.
  • Management student dormitories, living room. Make sure the reception, layout and management trainees, students in accordance with procedure. Ensure hygiene in general dormitory area.
  • Ensuring service activities such as cafeterias, canteens, car care ... service to meet the needs of staff and students.

2.3.2 Ensure electrical, water and sanitation

  • Ensure supply of electricity for lighting, water for the entire agency.
  • Serve drinks, toilet rooms managing board, serving drinks for the class teachers.
  • Hygiene lecture halls, public areas, workplaces. Environmental hygiene university. Monitoring the implementation of the sanitation company offers cleaning services were contracted with the University

Department of Facilities Management and Technology