Department of Human Resources and Administration

I.  Function

The Department of Human Resource Development has its advisory function to assist the Dean in developing and consolidating the organization structure of HUPH; to aggregate, make proposals and undertake human resource management and development; to perform secretary work for HUPH Director Board and the work of Standing Office for HSPH Party’s Executive Committee.

II. Task

1.  Organizational structure

a) Take lead in studying to propose organizational structure, establishment, disbandment, and merger of Faculties, Departments, Centers, Units, and Committees, and formulate functions, tasks, working relations and methods for different units in HUPH appropriate to different periods of time.

b) Arrange staffing to appropriately meet requirements of the organizational structure in terms of quantity, criteria, working positions, and job description for individual working position.

c) Collaborate with relevant units to ensure necessarily supportive resources for the organizational structure arrangement.

2. Human resource management and development

a) Develop personnel development plans for major operational areas such as education and training, scientific research, consultancy, and logistics, based on the HUPH Strategic Development Plan

b) Develop strategies and SOPs for staff recruitment, planning, and job description for each position.

c) Collaborate with all units in HUPH to conduct evaluation of staff work performance

d) Develop staff training and retraining plans based on the need of units, and provide advice to the Director Board for in-depth and breadth development of HSPH human resource

đ) Play an advisory role to the Director Board on promotion, upgrading or switching ranks for staff

e) Implement properly regulations on regime, policies for staff, encouragement and incentive with appropriate forms

f) Provide advice and collaborate with functional departments to create a good working environment and an organizational culture in HUPH

g) Complete formalities for individual staff and groups of staff to travel outbound and inbound for business

h) Conduct management, monitoring and update of personnel profiles, staff number changes

3. Standing Office for the Party’s Committee

a) Realize directions issued by HUPH Party’s Executive Committee in political and ideological work, performance of professional work, Party’s development work, and implementation of Party’s resolutions.

b) Engage in giving guidance for Party’s development work, management and quality improvement of Party’s members.

4. Other tasks

a) Perform activities in HUPH internal security, anti-corruption for staff.

b) Exercise legislative work in university as required.

b) Ensure implementation of militia and self-defense activities in HUPH

Department of Human Resources and Administration