Department of Research Management and Cooperation

1. Introduction:

In 2002, the External Relations Unit was set up by the Personnel Department, Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH). In the current process of international integration in education and research, the HUPH’s vision is to promote and diversify cooperative activities with Vietnamese and international partners to achieve a notable global and regional reputation. As a result, in January 2014, the External Relations Unit was separated from the Personnel department to become a department, referred to as Department of External Relations & Cooperation. Being a new department, we play an important role in developing and promoting the brand of Hanoi School of Public Health.

2. Function:

The Department of External Relations & Cooperation plays the advisory role to HUPH Management Board, implements the communication and marketing activities to improve HUPH position and prestige, and establishes and maintains external relationships with partners (Vietnamese and international partners) to support HUPH Strategic development plan.

3. Tasks:

3.1. Overall tasks:

To play the advisory role to achieve the objectives of HUPH strategic plan on: communication – establishment of HUPH brand, development of external relationships, and promotion of cooperative development relations with Vietnamese and international partners. This helps to nurture the resources to implement the strategic quality improvement plan on education, research, consultancy services and organization development.

3.2. Specific tasks:

Cooperative development

-     Develop and review the strategic plan on cooperative development (with Vietnamese and international partners) to establish and maintain good relationships in education, research, organization development and other activities in HUPH. 

-     Co-ordinate the implementation of cooperative development, including:

  • Manage partner development and external relations expansion to individuals and organizations to inspire external resources.
  • Manage the collaboration with other faculties and departments in HUPH to play advisory role in negotiating the documents of cooperation with partners.
  • Manage the collaboration with the Department of Finance and Accounting to operate the guidance on use of international aids.
  • Manage and store data, and write reports on external relations and international projects and programs.
  • Manage the implementation of international projects under the assignment of HUPH Management Board.

-     Manage and collaborate with Faculties, Departments, and Centers to implement cooperative development activities:

  • Develop management process and support Faculties, Departments, and Centers to seek for cooperation opportunities from potential partners, bidding announcements, international organizations, etc.
  • Support/collaborate with Department of Undergraduate Education, Department of Graduate Education, and Department of Student Affairs to seek external resources, to send students overseas for visiting, exchanging and further educating, as well as to manage foreign students during their stay at HUPH.
  • Support/collaborate with Department of Scientific Research Management to seek external resources and partners for research, to market and communicate the research products and results to different target groups.
  • Support/collaborate with Department of Personnel and Department of Finance and Accounting to seek external resources and partners, to develop specific plan for human resource training and development (for example, short- and long-term education scholarships, exchange of lecturers, and international workshops/conferences, etc.).

-     Manage and collaborate with Faculties, Departments, and Centers to implement external activities and reception:

  • Develop and implement regulations on external activities and reception, including procurement process approvals for international guests who study or work with the school.
  • Coordinate management of foreign students, international experts during their study or work at HUPH with other departments.
  • Operate computer software to manage external and cooperative activities, including the management of the working reports on the entry and exit of school’s staff and foreigners, important events and cooperative activities.

       ​Communication & Public relations

-     Develop and review the strategic plan on communication and public relations.

-     Implement the communication to public:

  • Broadcast HUPH brand and activities via its official website (  and other websites, social networking sites, and mass media.
  • Edit and publish diverse communication products (brochure, leaflet, presentations, video, document, etc.) both in English and Vietnamese language (and other languages if needed) to introduce about HUPH to partners in different events.
  • Manage and cooperate with related units to edit and publish regular newsletters, annual reports, and memorandum, etc. on HUPH events and achievements.
  • Manage and cooperate with related departments (education, research, and logistics) to organize activities and events (conferences, workshops, signing ceremonies, news conference, live television programs, etc.).
  • Develop and implement the strategic plan on public relations to publicize HUPH activities, achievements.
  • Launch communication campaigns to mobilize external resources to support HUPH development.
  • Cooperate with other individuals and departments in HUPH to manage the provision of information to general public and mass media (including hard copy, images, audio files, video, etc.).

-     Manage the internal communication activities:

  • Develop internal communication mechanisms and regulations to update and inform between departments and communication unit.
  • Develop and update internal communication sites to provide information to all individuals in HUPH to assure the understanding of HUPH regulations.
  • Coordinate, collect, and store gifts and historical products of HUPH. Develop the HUPH museum.

Department of External Relations and Cooperation