Health Station


Perform school health activities for health protection, education and care of HUPH staff and students.


1. Making and managing health records for HUPH staff and students, proctecting and caring the health of HUPH staff and students, providing emergency care, examination and treatment of common diseases.

  • Providing first aids, disease examination and treatment in line with technical decentralization, referring patients to hospitals.
  • Making and managing health records and  occupational disease records.
  • Organizing regular health check-ups for HUPH staff and students, classifying and informing results of their health checks-up, and providing medical counseling.

2. Sanitation, food safety and hygiene, work safety and disease prevention:

  • Monitoring and supervising the environment sanitation, work safety, protective equipment, and fire, explosion prevention and control.
  • Spraying insecticide, laying rodenticide to protect the environment.
  • Planning and organizing students to do labor work for environment protection
  • Communicating, consulting on health and disease prevention
  • Monitoring, detecting and isolating epidemic outbreaks, reporting to higher level authority, managing the disease outbreaks.
  • Collecting water samples for testing
  • Applying the sanitation at the station

3. Making plans and reporting implementation results:

  • Making plans and budgeting for health activities for each school-year
  • Making quarterly, yearly reports on health activities at HUPH.
  • Making plans on staff recruitment for the station and staff professsional training

4. Drug and facility management and utilization:

  • Managing, using drugs safely, rationally and effectively for treatment as required.
  • Making plans for drug procurement, periodical drug inventory and reporting, and proposing procurement of supplementary drugs.
  • Managing and using effectively the available human resource and medical equipment.

5. Attending meetings and workshops:

  • Attending meetings with the Primary Health Care Steering Committee on classification of health check-up results of HUPH staff  and students.
  • Attending meetings with Disease Prevention and Control Steering Committee upon urgent outbreaks of diseases;
  • Attending meetings with Labor Protection Board on labor protection, labor safety and fire, explosion prevention and control
  • Attending technical workshops, meetings organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Health, Hanoi Department of Health, Hanoi Centre for preventive medicine; updating information on disease outbreaks, diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures.  
  • Receiving delegations on supervision and inspection of school health activities
  • Collaborating with relevant units to perform the other HUPH duties  

6. Developing procedures, commenting on revision of HUPH regulations, and procedures with the Student Affairs Department and the Health Station

7. Disseminating regulations and rules on school health, communicating on health insurance, body insurance.  

8. Making lists of students purchasing health insurance cards, body insurance cards, and distributing cards to them.

9. Certifying students’ illness, referring student patients to hopitals and conducting other activities relating to health insurance, body insurance for HUPH students.

10. Performing other tasks given by the Rector and HUPH Management Board.


  • Being authorized to use its own stamp in dealing with professional issues
  • Being authorized to verify and sign on school health procedures.