Department of Facilities Management and Technology


I. Function

The information technology section plays an advisory role to the HUPH Management Board on strategic information technology planning, application of information technology in training, scientific research, and consultancy in compliance with the Law on Information Technology of the National Assembly, regulations on information technology promulgated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Training.

II. Tasks

  1. Taking lead in development of plans on information technology strategy, infrastructure and service applications for training, scientific research and consultancy of HUPH.
  2. Taking lead in development of regulations on information technology for training, scientific research and consultancy of HUPH, including local area network (LAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), and wide area network (WAN)
  3. Conducting studies, analysis and forecast of issues related to assigned service application of information technology
  4. Organizing construction, management of HUPH information technology infrastructure:
  • Design and construction of information technology infrastructure according to the approved plan.
  • Management of server system, workstations, lab rooms for training, maintenance of LAN, WAN; being the focal point in communication network among the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education & Training, and related organizations.
  • Coordination of software development, website management among units in and outside of HUPH.
  • Provision of technical management for all HUPH information technology equipment with assurance of their continuing and smooth operation, and technical support for users when required.
  • Collaboration with HUPH units and related organizations to ensure the safety and security of HUPH information system and electronic database.
  1. Implementing programs and projects of innovation and application of information technology in collaboration with technical units to build the database for public health teaching & research, and governance in HUPH:
  • Development and implementation of schemes and projects on information technology applications, databases in public health, towards the development of knowledge database as assigned by HUPH Management Board;
  • Development, rent, purchase, and guidance of IT application softwares for HUPH in compliance with law provisions and assignment given by HUPH Management Board;
  • Taking lead and collaborating HUPH units and related agencies in development and integration of databases if different areas in HUPH, including storage, processing, management and control of information resources utilization to serve the management, training and scientific research in accordance with regulations;
  1. Providing technical assurance for online administrative services within HUPH jurisdiction
  2. Collaborating with academic Faculties/Departments, Examination and Quality Assurance Unit, Student Affairs Department to provide online learning management system (E-learning), and computer-based examination.
  3. Conducting scientific research and cooperation in scientific research of information technology.
  4. Providing organization of training on information technology skills for HUPH staff
  5. Conducting information technology transfer and consultancy of information technology applications
  6. Fulfilling other tasks assigned by HUPH Management Board.