Faculty of Basic Medicine

The Faculty of Basic Medicine was established on 26 April, 2001. After 20 years of development, the Faculty has been performing well the tasks assigned by the University. The Faculty has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Health for outstanding achievements in performing assiged tasks in the year of 2016 and 2019.

The Faculty includes the following 6 departments (Decision No. 952/QD-DHYTCC, signed 30 October, 2020):  

As of July 2021, the Faculty has 09 full-time lecturers, all are medical doctors, including 02 Associate Professors, 05 Masters and 02 doctors. In addition to the number of the full-time lecturers, the Faculty also has a numbers of invited lecturers from the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, the University's Laboratory Center and a number of part-time lecturers working at leading hospitals in Hanoi.

In the coming time, the Faculty will continue to develop in the direction of improving teaching capacity, applying advanced teaching methods to meet demands of learners. The Faculty also improves research capacity to enrich scientific evidence and experiences that will contribute to improve teaching capacity of the faculty. Faculty's lecturers committe to consider learners as the center, ready to listen to and share with learners in order to best meet the legitimate and reasonable demands of learners.

We wish to receive a lot of support and cooperation from all educational managers, teachers in universities. Medicine - pharmacy, hospitals and partners of the University.

The Faculty of Basic Medicine would like to express its gratitude to the teachers, administrators, students and colleagues for visiting this WEB site!

On behalf of the Faculty of Basic Medicine - The Hanoi University of Public Health.

Head of faculty: Assoc./Prof. Ha Van Nhu, MD. PhD

Faculty Office: Room A405

Phone number: 024.62662347