Message from the Chairwoman, Board of Trustees

Dear all colleagues, learners, students and international friends,

Founded in 2001 with a relatively new discipline - public health, the Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH) is always pursuing and consistent with the objectives to guarantee its high quality and professionalism in meeting the needs of students and the society, enhancing transparency, and encouraging innovation and creation.

The ultimate goal that HUPH is striving to bring to society is to provide training and education for highly qualified, dedicated, sufficiently competent, and self-confident human resources for health, thus effectively contribute to the sustainability of the public health network and health care system in Viet Nam.

Currently, HUPH has 19 training programs from undergraduate to postgraduate  (11 bachelor training programs, 4 master training programs, 2 doctoral training programs, 1 specialized training program degree I and 1 specialized training program degree II). To date, HUPH has completed 17 Bachelor of Public Health courses with nearly 2018 graduates; 5 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology courses with 225 graduates, 2 Bachelor of Nutrition courses with 85 graduates, 2 Bachelor of Social Work courses with 38 graduates and 24 Master of Public Health courses, 13 Master of Hospital Management courses,1 Master of Medical Laboratory Technology course and 40 Specialization Degree I in Public Health courses,  7 Specialization Degree II in Health Organization and Management courses which contribute to enhancing human resources for the health care system in Viet Nam. Many types of research have also been conducted at HUPH to provide evidence for policy-making on tobacco control, injury prevention, etc. in Viet Nam.

I hope, the website of Hanoi University of Public Health is not only a source to provide information to the public about the HUPH's activities but also a friendly and useful companion for everyone. Besides, it is also a bridge connecting HUPH between local and international partners, faculties, staff, lecturers, students, alumni of the school, the community and the society

                                                                       Chairwoman, Board of Trustees          

Bui Thi Thu Ha