HUPH' students

Students at HSPH are a diverse community of nearly 2,000 students from all different regions of Viet Nam. Besides, there are international students from Laos, Cambodia, etc. attending postgraduate programs.

Photo: HSPH students are in discussion after class

HSPH students are mainly dynamic, flexible and enthusiastic thanks to open learning environment which enables students to develop their strengths. However, what makes HSPH students different from other universities' students is that they are participating actively in extracurricular activities. Many clubs were established to attract participation of students, such as English club, Informatics club, Basketball club, the "Say NO to tobacco" club, Culture - sport - fine art club, blood donation club, etc. Students also actively participate in voluntary activities, green summer activities and "exam season support program"


Photo: HSPH students are participating in voluntary activities in Ha Giang province

HSPH students have participated in several competitions organized by Vietnam Television and achieved many prizes, as follows:

  • First Prize in Contest "Following the history flows"
  • First Prize in Contest "Getting rich is not hard"
  • Second Prize for "Music game show"
  • Second Prize for "Ringing Golden Bell"



Photo: students are participating in "Getting rich is not hard" and "Ringing Golden Bell"

The community activities help students to expand their view, live openly and dynamically, and appreciate their own value. Besides, as most students are good at a foreign language, and with their confidence, they can easily adapt to the learning and working environment.