Scientific Research

With a view that scientific research is the backbone of training and consultancy, as well as a means to the formation and development of the network, HSPH actively gets involved in conducting research, in collaboration with the health networks across the country.

Photo: Vice Dean of HSPH, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Huong attended a Scientific Conference in Taiwan


Following the interdisciplinary approach, HSPH conducts research activities in collaboration with Vietnam Public Health Association, the system of training institutions in the health sector, HSPH alumni network and the relevant government agencies. To integrate with the international research activities, HSPH also actively collaborates with international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United States Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), UNICEF, Child Injury Prevention Alliance, Health Bridge (Canada) and the prestigious universities of Public Health such as Johns Hopkins University, Tulane University, Boston university, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, etc. In the international research network, HSPH is an active member of the network of international field sites – INDEPTH, and HSPH also participated in studies on non-communicable diseases with countries in the network within the Pacific Rim.

Photo: Dr. La Ngoc Quang, Head of Undergraduate Education Department, representing the HSPH, was in a photo session with participants of a Scientific Conference in Canada


Scientific research activities of HSPH cover diversified research topics for the sake of training at HSPH and in the health sector as a whole, and cooperation projects with external partners including transnational research projects. Many HSPH researches have contributed significantly to providing information for health policy planning process such as the policy of injury prevention at national level, disasters preparedness and response, HIV/AIDS prevention, national strategy on reproductive health, etc.