Youth Union

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hanoi University of Public Health has undergone years of formation and development. Many generations of cadres and union members have been trained by the Union and have grown up, many comrades are currently taking on many responsibilities at Party, government and mass organizations at all levels; contribute to enhancing the position and brand of the University in the national education system as well as the training and fostering of quality labor resources for the society.

With the attention and direction of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors and the Hanoi Youth Union, the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Public Health always determines the basic task, the focus of the Youth Union and youth work is to educating youth union members in terms of politics, ideology, culture, morality, lifestyle, building a team of youth union members The school has enough political courage, qualifications and capacity to inherit and promoting the glorious tradition of the Youth Union during the past years, contributing to the building of a growing Hanoi University of Public Health.

In addition, an extremely important task that the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Public Health always puts first is the work of building the Union, in order to organize the Youth Union to expand in size and number. quality, create a source of cadres for the Party, create an exciting and widespread emulation movement, encourage young people to participate in learning and training to contribute to the construction of the homeland.

To carry out the above tasks, the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Public Health has developed plans with rich content, diverse forms and suitable programs. environment to train, mature and promote the strength of the young force; is a place for young people to voice their thoughts and at the same time a place for young people to turn their thoughts into actions, contributing to self-improvement and completing the basic tasks that have been set.