Department of Research Management and Cooperation

I. Function

The Department of Research Management and Cooperation plays an advisory role to the HUPH Management Board on the overall strategy of science and technology activities, domestic and foreign cooperation, and branding communication to enhance the position of the Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH).

II. Missions

a) Advising the Rector on strategic plans, annual plans, regulations, processes, guidelines for science and technology activities, cooperation, and communication of the HUPH in accordance with current legal regulations.

b) Presiding over the implementation of activities:

- Science and technology: Implementing procedures for bidding, appraisal, review, approval, acceptance, evaluation, and archiving of reports on scientific research topics, projects; organizing conferences, seminars, training on science & technology every year; approving the title of Professor, Associate Professor for lecturers at HUPH; operating the Journal of Health and Development Studies

- Cooperation: Receiving and managing the coming and going delegations; receiving aid from projects; planning and implementing engagement events, common branding communication.

- Communication: Communicating the common brand on the HUPH's communication channels and the masses media; editing and producing media products on HUPH; implementing internal communication to officials, employees, learners, and alumni; managing a traditional room of the HUPH

c) Joining the Scientific Training Council and the Ethics Council in biomedical research.

d) Coordinating with inside and outside units of the HUPH to promote scientific research, cooperation, and communication in the fields of training, science and technology, and services.

e) Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of regulations, procedures, and guidelines for science & technology activities, cooperation, and communication of the HUPH as planned.

f) Effective managing and using school resources.

g) Complying with the information and reporting as planned.

h) Performing other tasks related to the function assigned by HUPH Dean.


Department of Research Management and Cooperation