Introduction to the Department of Occupational Health & Safety

Department of Occupational Health & Safety is one of the units of the Faculty of Environmental and Occupational Health (Hanoi University of Public Health). The department’s faculties have backgrounds in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and other related general public health in general, the department provides training subjects on Occupational Health and Safety for undergraduate and graduate programs. Besides, the staff of the department also involved in providing lectures for other subjects such as Environmental Health, Injury Prevention, and Environmental and Occupational Hygiene and Engineering, School Health, Environmental and Occupational Risk Assessment. 

Occupational Health and Safety is an essential topic in Public Health, dealing with the health and related risk factors of a major population in society - workers. Knowledge and skills gained in Occupational Health courses will help students to effectively be involved in health care and occupational health management programs in the workplaces.

In line with the university’s strategic development plan, the department aims to strengthen capacity of lecturers and improve the quality of services (training and research). The strategic plan of the Department focuses on development of staff competencies through teaching, research and continuous training on Occupational Health specifically and Public Health in general. Guest lecturers are also invited to provide lectures for undergraduate and graduate students. The guest lecturers are currently working as senior experts in the filed of Occupational Health and Safety at the Ministry of Health and National Institutes.

In addition to the training activities, the Department also conduct different research, particularly in the areas of occupational health and safety of workers working in some sectors such as Health, Agriculture, Chemical production industry, The impact of climate change on worker health, Occupational health and safety of workers who work in the industrial zones and Occupational Ergonomics and Psychological Health.

The Department has also provided training programs for staff working in occupational health and safety in some sectors, especially the health care sector and other industries using hazardous chemicals. The Department also has experiences consulting on environmental policies and labour protection and solutions for improvement of the working environment for different kinds of business settings.