Center for Quality Assurance and Examination


To play the advisory role and provide support to HUPH Management Board in planning, implementing operational activities on examination, evaluation and quality assurance of HUPH.


1.    Examination

  • Providing advice and support to HUPH Management Board in holding entrance examinations to comply with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). Planning examination work to HUPH Management Board
  • Develop inspection plan for each semester
  • Organizing the implementation of procedures, processes of examination organization operations for student’s graduate training and under graduate training  the training form of the school.
  • Organizing question bank system for each subject. Coordination with faculties and departments to organize the construction of question bank, updating question bank per year and analyzing examination questions.
  • Making examination questions for those subjects having questions bank.
  • Presiding over the organization of the test on computer
  • Marking the test with EDTECH software
  • Implementing the work of managing, archiving and keeping confidentiality of examination questions, examination papers, examination marks in accordance with the regulation.
  • Organizing the organization of checking examination papers and solving the difficulties relating to work of examination, post examination of students under training forms, training grades of the School in accordane with the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Studying, updating, proposing to HUPH Management Board to apply the solutions for completing the examination work, examination method.
  • Consuling the operations on process, method of assuring the training quality, examination – testing, evaluation for units. Organizing the training for cadres, lectures in the School about examination work.
  • Receiving and solving the official documents relating to examination work.

2.    Quality assurance:

  • Building and implementation the targets, policies, and regulation process and concrete plan of quality assurance for all school in general and education including self assessment, out assessment, applying quality standards.
  • Managing, archiving self-assessment record.
  • Implementing the evaluation of the teaching quality of the lectures, the quality of student learning, the quality of the management and supporting the training of the school through the use of the subject / Final evaluation survey
  • Conduct surveys to collect comments from stakeholders such as employers, alumni about the program, the quality of the management and support of the university's training activities.
  • Be responsible  to dispose information from activities: representative of class meeting, reviewing the deligent in one’s learning notebook, supervising education... and replying to stakeholders. Having plan to supervise the result/overcome and provide quality assurance information for emulation council.
  • Organizing examinations to improve the capacity of lecturers and staff of HUPH.
  • Implementing internal assessment / survey to collect training information; To serve the training and the contingent of officials and lecturers.
  • Carrying out quality assurance monitoring of the school's internal operations.
  • Receving and treating the official documents realting to the work of quality assurance.

3. Inspection

  • To set up an inspection plan in year;
  • To monitor and review the situation of the inspection and periodic reports to the Principal;
  • To advise the Principal on the settlement of complaints and denunciations: verify clarification and recommend resolutions;
  • To inspect the implement the law of education about building organizational structure; the implementation of the provisions on disclosure in the field of education;
  • To inspect the implementation of the regulations, provisions and duties assigned to faculties and individuals under the jurisdiction of the Principal in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations organization and operation of the school;
  • To organize the inspection, test management, training, diploma and certificate management in the school;
  • To inspect the conditions of ensuring the quality of education;
  • To inspect the implementation of other regulations of the law on university, higher education, professional secondary.

4. Synthesis - Statistics

  • To monitor, review and report presided over evaluating the implementation of the strategy, planning and long-term plans, annual plans of the school;
  • To collect, synthetize, analyze the statistics of the field operations in the school;
  • To disclosure and provide statistics, reports monthly, quarterly and year under the request of the Board of Management.

5. Other duties

  • To preside over the deployment of teaching hours statistics;
  • To register annual enrollment targets;
  • To organize the attending lectures of the department and in the lecture hall for new faculty and teaching faculty attending under the proposed list of  Dept. of Human resource
  • To perform the final report in operation, three public statements and other reports as required by the Board of Management;
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Management.

Center for Quality Assurance and Examination