Faculty of Clinical Medicine

1. Introduction

The Faculty of Clinical Medicine is one of the faculties of Ha Noi University of Public Health. The main objective is to train students/ participants providing knowledge and skilss in clinical medicine and the application of public health to clinical practice at health facilities. Along with teaching activity, research and consulting biomedical and health studies are also the focus of the department. At the same time, doctors and staffs who are lecturers in the faculty also have been providing clinical and medical services according to their license of medical practices.

The Faculty of Clinical Medicine has 9 departments and 1 center: 

2. Responsibilities

The faculty’s main missions are to provide training in public health human resources, preventive medicine, nutrition, social work, nursing and rehabilitation; to provide medical care, health care and health promotion for the community.

  • Training for undergraduate and postgraduate students; providing refresh training and short training courses for certification;
  • Participating in public health research such as evaluating health programs and services, developing health promotion interventions using various research methods (quantitative, qualitative, combined);
  • Participate in international and national publications on health issues, clinical medicine such as internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, nursing, rehabilitation ...
  • Providing medical examination and treatment services.
  • Providing consultancy to: Ministry of Health, other national and international organizations