Department Of Finance and Accounting

A. Function:

The Department of Finance & Accounting plays its advisory role to the Dean inexercising the state management of finance and accounting field.

B. Tasks:

1. General tasks:

  • Advisingthe Dean onfinancial management in accordance with Law provisions.
  • Organizing and performing activities of the financial system.
  • Exploring and mobilizing the legitimate income sources.
  • Providing control/management of expenditures in compliance with financial regulations.
  • Making financial reports and analyzing statistical data to provide the Dean with accounting information to serve the decision-making process for the Dean.
  • Archivingand retaining financial documents, bills, receipts in accordance with the State regulations.

2. Specific tasks: 
The specific tasks of the Department of Finance and Accounting are as follows:

  1. Updatinglegal documents, regulations and guidelines in the field of financial management; developingappropriate regulations on incomes and cost norm forspending; and advisingthe Dean about budget adaptation when needed.
  2. Developingworking mechanisms of the Department of Finance and Accounting, and using these mechanisms to respond to requirements of administrative reform in the field of finance and accounting.
  3. Making annual budget plans.
  4. Exploring and mobilizinglegitimate income sources based on the official regulations of organization and operation ofHanoi School of Public Health.
  5. Advisingthe Dean onorganization and utilization of income sources based on the legal documents and related State current guidelines. Advising the Dean on regulations of HSPH functions, tasks and plans.
  6. Designing appropriate regulations of cost normality’s and rates for previous income resources. Reviewing and adjusting these cost normality accordingly to circumstance.
  7. Supervising and monitoringincome generation activities.
  8. Providinginstructionson developing guidelines on specific spending to individuals and functional sections in HSPH. Supervising and controllingof advances based on the progress of activities, approvedbudget details and budget line.
  9. Providing instructionsto the stakeholders on implementation of regulations effecting financial supportive documents and bills issued by Ministry of Finance.
  10. Controlling the clearanceof advancesbased on HSPHrelated regulations.RemindingHSPH units and individualsfor timely clearance of advances in accordance with respective activities. Making recommendations for handling late advance clearance as well as direct supervisors responsible forfollowing up the advance clearance.
  11. Conductingregular and extraordinaryproperty inventories according to the State regulations and HSPHrequirements.
  12. Transferring financial documents and bills to functional sections. Insuring that individuals can complete the process in time and in line with current regulations.
  13. Makingannual and quarterly financial reports as regulated, and extraordinaryreports as required by HSPH Management Board.
  14. Gathering and analyzingeconomic data and influencing factors; evaluatingeconomic efficiency to serve the decision-making process for the Dean.
  15. Filing and maintaining all financial documents, bills according to State current regulations.

Department of Finance and Accounting