The Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH) is a well-known research institution in Vietnam. HUPH has successfully managed and implemented many national and international research projects in different fields of Public Health and health sciences. HUPH is a unique independent university that specializes in Public Health in Vietnam with the mission “to become the leading institution in Public Health training, research, and consultancy in Viet Nam and the Asia-Pacific region”. The University has 32 nearly 25 public health-related professional departments with more than 200 staff, including 04 full Professors, 22 Associate Professors, 77 PhDs, and 56 MSc. in Public Health and health sciences.

The development strategy of HUPH stresses three pillars: education, research, and consultancy services on Public Health and health sciences. Our research activities aim to advance fundamental knowledge about Public Health and contribute to improving health outcomes, international development, and the quality of life by “providing better health services for communities”. The diversity of our academic environments and scientific approaches is our unique feature and strength. The University is divided into six academic fields referred to as faculties, where are further divided into departments acting as the primary workplace for our researchers. HUPH is hosting three sounding research centers, which are Center for Public Health & Ecosystem research (CENPHER), Center for Population Health Sciences (CPHS), and Center for Injury Policy and Prevention Research (CIPPR).

The research capacities of HUPH include epidemiological, health system, environmental-occupational health, health economics, and social research areas. HUPH has played leading roles in conducting some large-scale research projects on the epidemiological transition, injury prevention, tobacco control, reproductive health, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, climate change, and health, and health system, etc. Notably, the HUPH has worked with the Ministry of Health, the Vietnam Steering Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH), the World Health Organization, the U.S. CDC in conducting several nationally representative surveys such as “Global Adult Tobacco Survey” (GATS, 2010, 2015, PGATS 2020); “Global Youth Tobacco Survey” (GYTS, 2007, 2014); “Risk factors for Non-communicable diseases in Vietnam 2015); Global School-based Student Health Survey 2019. HUPH also has other research collaborations with different international partners, including UNICEF, UNFPA, the World Bank, WFPHAs, SEAPHEIN, IN-DEPTH, Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH), etc.

During 2017-2020, HUPH has published over 80 scientific papers annually on various public health challenges in Vietnam in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals. Projects’ outcomes and successful public health interventions’ experiences have been used in policy advocacy and also widely shared on different channels, including television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, websites, etc.