Activities of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in education is part of the day-to-day work of Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH). It helps to support teachers and build expertise and capacity in the education system to deliver positive expected learning outcomes for our beloved students through sharing, understanding and applying standards and expectations. It is also important in the planning and coordination of professional development activities. Our school uses a wide range of activities to ensure that high standards are maintained. These include monitoring, self-evaluation and planning for improvement. For example, HSPH collects opinions of students in the learning process, after completion of courses; opinions of students who are about to graduate or alumni on the whole curriculum through survey questionnaires.

After each semester, the course evaluation results are synthesized by Examination and Quality Assurance Unit (EQA) and shared with the responsible Faculties/Departments with comments related to the curriculum, level of difficulty of the lesson, style of teaching etc. Afterwards, leaders of Faculties/Departments hold meetings with the teaching staff to make responses to students’ comments. For the appropriate comments, Faculties/Departments reach an agreement to make adjustment accordingly. Every month, Department of Student Affairs (DSA) holds a meeting with representatives of classes to get general information about the learning process of students. Practical suggestions are also taken into consideration by Faculties/Departments for adjustment of the teaching process in order to improve teaching quality.