1. Educational news

      In 09/03/2014, in Hanoi university of science and technology, Hanoi school of public health participated into “the Festival of career orientation and university enrollment 2014” organized by the Youth News, Ministry of Education and training (MOET) in association with the Hanoi university of science and technology, Hanoi Department of Education and training (sponsored by the Vingroup Cooperation).


Picture: Many students asked for information on Hanoi school of Public Health at the Festival

       In March, the Undergraduate Training Department joined the training course on computer software for enrollment organized by Ministry of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh city.

       In March, HSPH opened the first program of in-services Bachelor of Public Health in Phu Tho for 63 students in the Phu Tho Pharmacy college. In 8 March, 2014, the new program of public health I specialist was opened with 18 students in Phu Tho.

       The council of scholarship award for the I semester year 2013-2014 for 4 classes of bachelors was held in March 13th and decided the excellent scholarship for 8 students and good scholarship for 19 students.

       In the end of March, HSPH also opened the training course of Public health supplement in 3 months with 31 participations.

       CDC training course on Health care quality improvement was organized from 17 to 21 March 2014. After this course, 18 participants from 8 universities and research institutions were eligibility for accreditation.


2. Organization news

       In  March 5th, 2014, the HSPH Youth Union in association with the Espeed center of training and development consultancy organized the workshop titled “Motivations for learning English by potential strength” with the aim to create an opportunity for students to exchange experience and find the most suitable and effective method of English study. The workshop welcomed participation of more than 200 students.        In celebration of the International Women Day March 8th, the Women Union organized a cooking contest titled “family meal”. 13 teams registered for the contest. There were 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes.



          Picture: The judge evaluated the preparation of the Finance and Accounting Union Team


       The 4th seminar in the C3S series titled “You want to apply for job or scholarship: How to prepare the dossier and respond in the interview?” were held in March 10th by Associate. Professor Le Cu Linh, Head of the International Cooperation.

       In the morning of March 21st, in the 83rd anniversary of the Youth Union establishment, Ms Bui Thi Hai Anh – Secretary of K10C Youth Union was awarded with the “Good Capital Youth Union Secretary” in 2014 by Hanoi Youth Union.

       In the same month, the sport tournament for the 83rd anniversary of the Youth Union establishment and 13th anniversary of HSPH establishment were organized with many interesting sports. The Volley ball competition and Tug of war were completed. The football final would happened in April 20th in the football stadium of Hanoi Medical University. This was a good chance for HSPH staff to share their spirit and improve physical health after work.

       The HSPH Youth Union introduced the model of green lecture room, green dormitory and green university at the HSPH Youth Union office in March 25th in accordance with the Hanoi Youth Union project. The Hanoi Voluntary team under the Hanoi Youth Union was also organized to carry out charity activities in several hospitals in Hanoi.

       The HSPH Youth Union Committee extended meetings to prepare for the Youth Festival toward the 3rd University Youth Union Festival year 2014 – 2017, review application for Communist Party admission, official admission for new Party members.


3. Personnel News

       In March, the Department of Personnel finished the assignment/ reassignment of several management positions of Faculties and Departments

       The Department of Personnel also completed the survey to modify the model of Faculty operation after 3 months of pilot.


4. Research News

       In April, the Department of Science research organized councils to evaluate students’ research proposals in 2014-2015. In the results, 5 proposals were approved in this school year.

       Council in charge of evaluating the Ministerial level Proposal titled “Study on several factors related to reproductive health care in the coastal South Central region" managed by Hanoi school of Public Health held meetings in March.

       Preliminary Workshop for the 17th Youth Science and technology Workshop in Medical and Pharmacy universities were organized with participation of HSPH representatives. The official Workshop would be opened from May 17th to 19th in the Military Medical University.


5. International cooperation News:

       In May 25th 2014, the Department of International cooperation in association with Vietnam REI organization opened a workshop for HSPH young staffs with presentations from REI international experts. This was the first step in collaboration between HSPH and Vietnam REI.


6. Other activities:

       On March 12th 2014, the launch of the iPrepare campaign was held by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in association with the Disaster Prevention Department. For HSPH, this is an useful extra curricular activity for students to improve their knowledge on hazards/ risks in the communities by collecting image and information to join a writing contest on disaster/ disaster risks in their hometown and publish information in the exclusive website for iPrepare: