Cooking contest in the International Women Day March 8th

In the celebration of the International Women Day March 8th, in the morning of March 7th, 2014, the Labour Union, the Women Union, and the Youth Union of HSPH organized a cooking contest titled “Family meal”.


Picture: Special kitchen of the Administrative management labour team with 3 male cooks


With a challenge to cook a warm and nutritious meal for 6 family members which ensured food safety standards within only 300.000 VND, each cooking team prepared recipe, bought food and spices and cooked dishes.

In 8 a.m, in the back yard where placed the cooking contest, the atmosphere was bustling. Cooks brought many cooking items and different types of food. Everyone was excited and ready to work. There were 13 kitchens which numbered from 1 to 13 according to the draw result made in the afternoon of March 6th­. Each kitchen had 1 chief and 2 supportive cooks.

After the organization board checked the prepared food of 13 kitchens, at 9.30 a.m, the contest started. Chiefs and cooks were busy with their works. A delicious smell of cooking and curious questions on the dish name and recipe made a warming and happy atmosphere of the contest.

At 10.30 a.m, the cooking stopped. Delicious and beautiful dishes were presented in the arranged tables in the Great Hall.


Picture: Dishes were cooked and decorated beautifully


Picture: The Administrative Management Labour team in their table.



 Picture: The Social science – Health education labour team with their attractive table



Picture: The Judges in the table of the Finance and Accounting labour team.



 In only 60 minute, all teams excellently completed their competition. All hygienic and nutritious meals were presented attractively.  It was impressive that 3 cooks of the Administrative management labour team were so good at cooking as their female colleagues. Delicious dishes were prepared such as fried meat roll, stewed fish, boiled pork, crab soup, etc.


Associate. Professor Phan Van Tuong – Chairman of HSPH labour union gave the first prize for the Administrative management labour team

The grading was interestingly done with judges’ observation and teams’ presentations. When the team 2, 3, 4 concerned criteria of deliciousness, nutrition, cheapness and convenience, team 1, 9 and 10 cared for adequate nutrition. Other teams spent time to decorate their meal beautifully and attractively.


Picture: the Finance and Accounting labour team won the second prize

The contest results were 1st prize for the Administrative management labour team, 2nd prize for the Finance and Accounting labour team and the joined team of Health economy – Equipment management – Health policy, 3rd prize for the joined teams of International cooperation – Science research – Quality assurance – Health rehabilitation, Health education – Social science, Demography – Reproductive Health – HIV prevention and control, Graduate Training Department – Personnel organization – Nutrition and Food safety; consolation prize for the joined teams of Undergraduate training department – Student’s affairs, Health management – hospital management, IT – Central Public Health Laboratory – Basic sciences, Environmental – Occupational Health, Library, Language department and Epidemiology-statistics - Public Health informatics; the audience choice award for the labour team of Epidemiology-statistics - Public Health informatics.

Picture: The joined team of Health economy – equipment management – health policy won the 2nd prize

This contest was not only a place for women to show their talents but also an opportunity for all to share experience on nutritious meal for family’s better health.